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Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Set - Turquoise

Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Set includes:

  1. Chawan - Matcha Bowl
  2. Chasen - Matcha Whisk
  3. Chasen Holder
  4. Chashaku - Matcha Scoop

This beautiful set is perfect for brewing Matcha in a traditional way, just like in JAPAN.

Perfect for gifting or personal use. Each set is packed in high quality cardboard boxes.

Color options available: Turquoise, Blue, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aadhavan Ravichandran
Exquisite affordable Matcha set

Deeply inspired to have a traditional matcha set after reading ichigo ichie, To my surprise Found a affordable authentic set from chymey. Received the matcha set with bubble It's warp ,A safe delivery by delivery partner delhivery.Best and much affordable than other matcha set in the market! It's a value for money guys go for it 👍 Ichigo ichie ❤️😉

Dear Aadhavan,

Thank you for your kind words. We are very delighted to read your review.
At Chymey, we want to make tea drinking an exquisite experience.
Have a great time with your Matcha.

Team Chymey

Sonal Sharma
Beautiful Set for tea ceremony

We have group of matcha lovers and we keep doing tea ceremony! Found this kit perfect for same.