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Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea - 30g Tin

100% Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder.

Our Matcha tea has been Grown, Ground in Japan.

To ensure that you drink the purest Matcha, we seal our special Ring-pull Tins in Japan itself.

More information on Matcha and Brewing can be found here.

Our Culinary Matcha is shade-grown, and traditionally stone ground just like our Ceremonial Matcha.

Culinary grade can be used in various applications. Some exciting ways are:

  • Matcha Latte
  • Matcha Energy Balls
  • Matcha Face Mask
  • Matcha Donuts
  • Matcha Ice-cream and much more...

Culinary Grade Information:

Color:Vibrant Green

Taste: Fresh Delicate Flavor

Odor:Mild, Gentle Scent

Shelf Life:Recommend - 18 Months. Once opened, consume with 30 days.

Net Weight: 30g (1.05oz)

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