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The perfect festive gift boxes for your loved ones.

Buy from 2 curated box or customize your own box.

Bulk orders are also accepted. Contact for more details.

Customized Festive Box

Black Tea - Darjeeling
Black Tea - Masala
Black Tea - Srilankan Ceylon
Green Tea
Green Tea - Hibiscus & Ginger
Green Tea - Jasmine & Lavendar
Green Tea - Jasmine Pearls
Green Tea - Kangra Valley
Green Tea - Marigold
Green Tea - Mint
Green Tea - Morrocon Mint
Green Tea - Saffron Kahwa
Green Tea - Strawberry & Rose
Green Tea - Tulsi
Green Tea - Vanilla & Mint
Gren Tea - Japanese Sencha
Health Tea - Calming
Health Tea - Detox Tea
Health Tea - Digestive
Health Tea - Hair
Health Tea - Immunity
Health Tea - Skin
Health Tea - Slimming
Herbal Tea - Butterfly Blue Pea
Herbal Tea - Chamomile
Herbal Tea - Chrysanthemum
Herbal Tea - Hibiscus
Herbal Tea - Lemingrass
Herbal Tea - Roasted Dandelion Root
Herbal Tea - Rooibos
Herbal Tea - Yerba Mate
Oolong Tea - Rose

Customize your Tea Box

Tired looking for the perfect gift box ? Look no more. You are free to select 7 different teas from over 35 different verities !

Want to make it a little extra ? We are offering a 2 Free Brass Lotus Diya along with each box.


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