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Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Set

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Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea

100% Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder.

Our Matcha tea has been Grown, Ground and Sealed in Japan.

To ensure that you drink the purest Matcha, we seal our special Ring-pull Tins in Japan itself.

More information on Matcha and Brewing can be found here.

Our Premium Matcha is shade-grown and traditionally stone ground just like our Ceremonial Grade.

Premium Grade Matcha sits between Ceremonial and Culinary. Neither too sweet nor too strong. It is the perfect grade for an everyday cup.

Premium Grade Information:

Color: Bright Green

Taste: Light sweet and Balanced

Odor: Fresh and Sweet Grassy

Shelf Life: Recommend - 18 Months. Once opened, consume within 30 days.

Net Weight: 30g (1oz)

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