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Lemon Green Tea 25 TB

Pull yourself together. Tender and rustic green tea meets zesty lemon to create a unique blend that’s uplipting and grounding, all at once.

Exuberant yet understated, our Good Life Lemon Green Tea is the real deal. The deep golden colour is offset by hints of fern. A shot of brisk lemon runs through the earthy, grassy flavours. And the smooth finish boasts of a tangy hit in the end notes. Bright and crisp, our scintillating, light bodied blend is the ultimate wake-me-up brew.


  • Infuse a tea bag in a cup of hot water(80*C) for 3- 4 minutes.

    Enjoy as is. For those with a sweet tooth, may we recommend a dash of honey.

    Chill out! To serve chilled, simply refrigerate and top up with ice. Garnish with mint leaves

    Time: A refreshing blend, perfect for whenever you need to get up and get on with life. Works well through the day.

    Tea Cravings: Pair with a light Rasberry Souffle for that heavenly experience. Also compliments a Meditteranean Tuna wrap or a Smoked Chicken and Spicy Mango Salad beautifully.

    Strength: Medium(3.5/5) Flavour: Grassy, Lemon

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