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Green Tea 25 TB

"Light, herbaceous and sweet, the sheer purity and simplicity of this blend will change your life.

A smooth, fuss free brew with a soothing, grassy flavour and an unbeatable velevty finish. The graceful leaves create a refreshing aroma and a pale golden infusion with a tinge of green. Light bodied and flowing with antioxidants, this calming tea will seamlessly blend in to your daily routines.


  • Infuse a tea bag in a cup of hot water(8o*C) for 3- 4 minutes

    Enjoy as is. Add a dash of sugar or honey, if you’re craving for something sweet.

    Chill Out! Tastes great on the rocks. Simply refrigerate and serve on ice. Garnish with some lemon.

    Time: The lifting brew is perfect for any time of the day. The polyphenol in green tea aids digestion. That makes it a great after meal beverage.

    Tea Cravings!

    Light, citrusy desserts like an Orange Peel Cake work well with this brew. The Grilled Basa however remains one of green tea’s best friends. "

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