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Contemporary Matcha Brewing Set - Electric Whisk

Contemporary Matcha Brewing Set includes:

  1. Ceremonial Matcha 30g
  2. Double walled Glass Chawan - Bowl
  3. Electric Matcha Whisk
  4. SS Matcha Scoop

Our contemporary style Matcha Brewing Set consists of finest hand-crafted matcha-ware with 100% authentic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha.
The Chymey®️ Matcha Brewing set consists of our authenctic japanese ceremonial grade matcha along with a fine crafted Glass Chawan, whisk and a scoop.

Our Chawan is a unique hand blown double walled bowl perfect to brew the right quantity of Matcha. Its shape is comfortable to hold in hand while drinking.

This set is exclusively designed by our artists to balance the traditonal japanese brewing culture with contemporary modern lifestyle.

Other available variant: Contemporary Matcha Brewing Set - Bamboo Whisk


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