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Amazing Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is generally associated with a pesky weed in your mind. You may not be aware, though, that the plant has long been used in herbal medicine. You can sip an infusion created from the plant's leaves or its roasted roots. With a rosette of leaves and big, vivid yellow flowers, dandelion is a well-known weed from the daisy family. The roots and leaves are dried and used to make dandelion tea, which has numerous health benefits.

Dandelion tea is rich in Vitamin A, C and D and it contains high amount of iron, magnesium and zinc.

Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion tea is a powerhouse of Antioxidants and a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals. There are various health benefits associated with the consumption of Dandelion tea. Here are Top 7 Health benefits of drinking Dandelion tea.

  • Detoxifies the Liver-The function of our liver is to filter and purify our blood as well as to generate bile, which aids in the body's enzymes breaking down fats into fatty acids. Vitamins and nutrients found in dandelion help in cleansing the liver and maintenance of normal liver function.
  • Good for Digestion- Your digestive system may certainly benefit from drinking dandelion tea. It enhances appetite and eases intestinal discomfort. Dandelions support our digestive tract by ensuring that bile flows properly, according to numerous studies. Dandelion tea calms the stomach lining and aids in the absorption of minerals.
  • Acts as a Diuretic-Dandelion tea relieves bloating by acting as a natural diuretic by helping in the removal of extra fluid from the body. It permits your liver to get rid of toxins.
  • Powerhouse of Antioxidants-Dandelion tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that help in preventing specific forms of cell damage. Antioxidants are used by the body to fight free radical oxidation, which is linked to cancer and early aging and is extremely harmful for the body's tissues. Fortunately, dandelion tea helps the body avoid free radical cell damage.
  • Fights Diabetes- Numerous studies have demonstrated that dandelion tea can treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. Due to its diuretic characteristics, it helps to stimulate the pancreas' secretion of insulin and eliminates extra sugar that is stored in the body. It is an excellent natural method for fighting diabetes.
  • Treats Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)- UTIs, bladder issues, kidney issues, and perhaps even cysts on the reproductive organs can all be avoided with dandelion tea's aid. Uva Ursi, a herb that may be taken orally, is an effective remedy for treating UTIs in females when combined with certain dandelion root and leaf preparations. Because it can increase urine production and fight infection, dandelion tea is combined with Uva Ursi to destroy bacteria.
  • Healthy for Skin- According to a 2015 NCBI study, dandelion can protect skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. UV rays are dangerous sun rays that can cause skin photo-aging when they are exposed to exposed skin. Dandelion possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that support healthy skin. The health of the skin is ensured since it guards against cell damage. Dandelion has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions in both traditional Chinese and American medicine. Additionally, eczema's potential hazard is reduced.

How to Make Dandelion Tea

Here’s how you can make a delicious and heathy cup of Dandelion tea full of goodness and seep in its health benefits.

  • In the saucepan, add 1cup of water and bring it to boil.
  • Now add 2 tablespoons of Chymey’s dried dandelion root herbal tea and let steep for at least 3 minutes.
  • Now take off the saucepan from the burner and let it steep for another 30 minutes.
  • Using a strainer pour the tea in a cup.
  • Add honey as per your liking.

Enjoy this perfectly brewed beverage full of antioxidants and vitamins and move a step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Dandelion is an amazing herb packed with antioxidants and vitamins and have plethora of health benefits.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is a good skin and weight loss protector. Due to its well-known ability to fight free radicals, it is extensively consumed. This lovely yellow flower has been used for decades in a variety of medical fields as a strong and readily available component.


Note- Before using dandelion tea medicinally, talk to your doctor, especially if you're pregnant or have irritable bowel syndrome.


Disclaimer- These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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